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  • Did you know you can deduct all of your ATM fees?
  • Did you know you can get a 2008 tax credit for all the Sales Tax you paid on things like clothes, cigarettes, cars, etc.?
  • Did you know Congress made more than 1000 rule changes to 2009 tax returns?

These three and 497 other facts you may not have known, are calculated automatically for you, so you don’t have to worry. Even most accountants can’t keep up with all the rule changes. P.S. It should only take you 10 minutes because we turned online tax filing, which is complicated, into a simple system for you.

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Plenty of leading sites offer an accuracy guarantee. We take it one step further. In the unlikely event that another online tax software increases your refund, we will refund your money and give you an additional $100.

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Uncle Sam pays you to File Late 2009 Tax Returns

Did you miss the 2010 tax deadline? It’s ok, you are not alone, there are many out there like you. The April 15th, 2010 tax deadline was missed by many tax payers. As long as you don’t owe any taxes it’s ok that you didn’t file on time. However, don’t ignore your 2009 taxes altogether if you don’t owe any money as most people today are actually owed money, and you may be due for a refund. There are extensive statistics from previous years showing how many people failed to file their taxes and therefore receive large sums of money that they paid. You don’t have to worry about paying penalties or being reprimanded for filing your taxes late if you are owed a refund. The only stressful part of getting your hands on this money is filing your taxes, which is now made easy through online tax software that helps you organize and file your 2010 taxes.

About 7 out of 10 people that pay income taxes are actually due a prior tax refund. Statistics show that in 2004 about 77% of people that filed their taxes actually ended up with money in their pockets, and not just any money, an average of $2,000! It’s also been known that there are tax payers that actually get money even if they didn’t pay any to begin with due to their earned income tax credit. In many cases people actually use their taxes as a way of saving money. By paying this money, at the end of the year they get it back in bulk, plus at times some extra. There are certain things that you can claim in order to increase your refund, it’s a matter of knowing the laws and getting creative. Overall, your refund is basically money that you have spend and are getting back, the amount of money you get back depends on how you file and how well you know the past year tax rules.